World leading expertise in Hardware Embedded Security Systems. An extensive experience of 120+ years in security printing technologies, end-to-end communications and highly customized IoT solutions, shared to Imagine a new world

Digital Security Division

AUSTRIACARD GmbH is the partner of choice for Payment, Government, Enterprise, Retail and Public transportation organizations offering the most sophisticated and secure smart cards as well as digital security solutions.

Information Management Division

INFORM operates and creates cutting edge solutions for Governments, Financial Institutions, Telecommunications and the Retail sector, in the areas of Print management, Security printing and Digital transformation.

Internet of Things DIVISION

NAUTILUS uses IoT innovation in providing high quality services that can be applied to a wide spectrum of industries, from Supply Chains 4.0 to Industrial Applications, Security and Defence segments.

Facts & Figures

Production plant


Production Plants


■ Andorra ■ Austria ■ Romania ■ UK
4 Inform
■ Greece ■ Romania X2 ■ Albania
b2b clients in over 50 markets


Personalization Centres


Europe: Austria | Greece | Poland | Romania | Spain | Turkey | UK
Outside Europe: LATAM | USA
1 M
cards every year
1 M
banking cards personalized annually


Sales Offices


Albania | Andorra | Austria | Czech Republic | Colombia | Croatia | Dubai | Germany | Greece | Jordan | Norway | Poland | Romania | Serbia | Spain | Turkey | UK | USA
years of presence
1 B
digital communication outputs every year
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Our Mission

is to be at the forefront of the information technology and communication industries, thus providing our customers with cutting edge solutions that make an actual difference in their respective businesses.

“By pioneering in the information technology and communication industries, we empower our customers to excel in their respective environments with secure solutions tailored to their needs.”

Nikolaos Lykos
Nikolaos Lykos
Chairman of the Management Board
Our Group’s independence and flexibility guarantee our clients that whatever solution we provide them is based on their specific needs and in their best interests.

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