AUSTRIACARD delivers Austrian e-card, starting 2015

AUSTRIACARD, an internationally operating company located in Vienna, has won the bid in the Europe-wide tender for the production of the Austrian e-card starting 2015. Consequently, AUSTRIACARD will provide the Austrian insurance holders with approximately 9.3 million personalised e-cards with citizen card functionality. The “Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger (HVB)” tenders the production of the e-card every five years.

Vienna, July 2013 – The e-card has become standard in the modern health system. Since its implementation in 2005, it has become an essential part of Austria’s medical sector and – due to its citizen card functionality – in the e-government sector as well. The tender specifications provide for highest quality requirements in order to ensure flawless functionali ty and security.

Volker Schörghofer, Deputy General Manager of HVB, express es his satisfaction with the contract award to AUSTRIACARD: “With Austria as best bidder we have once again gained a highly competent partner for the realisation of the next genera tion of the e-card. The company has a good reputation in the security industry and we expect a professional and highly efficient cooperation. What remains unchanged is the fact that also the new generation of the e-card will not store any medical data. The e-card serves as a key card; it gives access to the e-card system and in the future also to electronic health record ELGA.”

Jochen Hense, Managing Director of AUSTRIACARD, emphasizes the importance of this award for the company: “The award for the production of the e-card is a milestone in AUSTRIACARD’s history. The Austrian e-card is a successful and internationally renowned project in the health system which will open further doors for us.”

AUSTRIACARD was founded in 1981 as a personalisation centre for eurocheque cards and has become a renowned supplier of electronic payment and ID solutions ever since. The company delivers about 70 million debit, credit and ID cards for the Austrian and international market.

Social insurance guarantees a high quality health care and a secure pension fund regardless of age, income, social background and education. Currently, around 8.4 million people are entitled to social insurance (insured and co-insured). The e-card system enables the doctor to check if a patient is entitled to treatment under health insurance: the e-card as key card does not contain any medical data, however it enables the doctor to check the insurance status of the patient and if the patient is entitled to further medical services. “Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger” is the parent organisation for the joint health and accident insurance as well as the public pension scheme in Austria.

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