First ID-card with Credit Card Functionality Worldwide

AUSTRIACARD (LYKOS Group) produces and delivers a global novelty to the Nigerian government: ID-cards with multiple innovative applications such as e-ID combined with biometrics, e-Health, voter-ID, pension-ID, and payment (EMV). With a population of approximately 170 million people Nigeria is a major market that has a decisive influence on the entire continent and beyond.

Abuja – By delivering the new Nigerian ID-card, AUSTRIACARD (Lykos Group) leads the industry one step further to convergence. Nigeria’s new national e-ID is a seminal project since it equips state of the art ID/travel-cards with a multitude of functions including a credit card application. The new identification documents are multifunctional smart cards to enhance security and public services in Nigeria. They accommodate a total of 14 apps which include amongst other things EMV compliant payment functionality, biometrics with MOC (match on card), secure signature, and an e-ID application. The card can even be used as a travel document to certain countries, but particularly the combination of ID/travel-cards with credit card functionalities is worldwide an absolute novelty.

The card incorporates 18 security features covering all categories (visible, invisible and forensic features) which make the card immune against tampering and counterfeiting.

Tunji Durodola from the Nigerian National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is excited: “Not only have we made a significant step towards a holistic and efficient identity management, but we provide our citizens with one of the most innovative products on the globe. This was made possible by our cooperation with AUSTRIACARD, our highly competent and innovative partner who has the know-how and the necessary resources for a project of this scale.”

Jochen Hense, CEO at AUSTRIACARD, also expresses his delight: “These cards are probably the most secure and advanced national documents worldwide as they combine two worlds, identification and payment. We feel very privileged that NIMC confides in Austrian technology and our capabilities as one of the leading card manufactures worldwide. This faith in AUSTRIACARD as a loyal and capable technology partner makes us truly proud.”

For AUSTRIACARD this is the second great success lately regarding convergent card products. Earlier this year the company was designated as one of the suppliers of choice for London’s Oyster card. Oyster is one of the most prestigious public transportation projects in the world and thus AUSTRIACARD has achieved a breakthrough in the industry.

Our success model

Based in Vienna, AUSTRIACARD is a market leading company in the field of secure transactions and digital security. It is a member of the LYKOS Group, a four-generation family business founded in 1897. The vision of the group’s founder was to provide secure, high quality and stylistic documents with a personal service parallel to none.

Today, more than a hundred years later, the LYKOS Group is proud to continue the tradition with an enhanced offering of trusted products and services for information management, document processing, secure transactions and digital security for financial institutions, industry, and governments. LYKOS employs 1000 people in multiple production sites across the European continent and has a current market presence in more than 50 countries.

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