Organizational changes within Lykos Group

Vienna, March 2015: AUSTRIACARD announces that Lykos AG has officially been registered in the Commercial Register as its sole shareholder.

Lykos AG is an Austrian holding company, wholly owned (96,14%) by Mr. Nikolaos Lykos which now holds 100% of shares in AUSTRIACARD Vienna and all of its subsidiaries worldwide.

Within the scope of the new organizational structure, Mr Panagiotis Spyropoulos, Lykos Group CEO, undertakes full responsibilities as the sole Managing Director of AUSTRIACARD.

Mr. Jochen Hense, hitherto Managing Director of AUSTRIACARD will act as a consultant to the Management Board of Lykos AG in the fields of Technology, Business Development, and Strategic Cooperation. Jochen Hense has worked with AUSTRIACARD for 15 years and since 2011 he has been Managing Director.

“With his analytical mind for business and his hands-on approach, Jochen Hense has been an appreciated member of the leadership team,” says Panagiotis Spyropoulos. “We thank Jochen for his services to AUSTRIACARD so far and we are looking forward to our future cooperation. Jochen recently joined RISE, a leading European Research & Development provider in NFC and payment as its Director of Sales. RISE will provide its leading edge IP in mobile payment to AUSTRIACARD’s plans to grow in this upcoming vital service sector”.

Panagiotis Spyropoulos was born in 1966 and he is a graduate of the University of Economics of Athens. He joined the Lykos Management team in 2011. In recent years he has worked on widely known ASE listed companies such as Korres Natural Products, as Vice-Chairman & General Manager, Plaisio Computers S.A., as Deputy Director General & Board Member, and in the past he had worked for Inform P. Lykos S.A. as Group Finance Director and Board

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