Vodafone Innovus and AUSTRIACARD AG aspire to providing innovative IoT solutions of the highest security and intelligence

Vodafone Innovus, a subsidiary of Vodafone Greece specializing in IoT solutions and AUSTRIACARD AG, recognised for their highly secure IT and payment infrastructures have agreed to jointly provide a range of highly secure, specialist, IoT services. 

Responding to the challenges and complexity of the IoT, which is increasing monitoring and managing highly secure and valuable assets, the two organisations will focus on providing solutions with the highest security and intelligence to protect goods in the fields of asset Management, maritime transportation, logistics for highly sensitive cargos and energy distribution grids.

“With our highly talented people, strong expertise, and access to our global and secure licensed communications networks for LTE, including NB-IoT, we are able to connect the most demanding businesses internationally. AUSTRIACARD’s confidence in Vodafone Innovus marks a new chapter in securing our customers business and to empower not only our customers, but their clients as well” said Giorgos Diamantopoulos, CEO of Vodafone Innovus. 

 “NAUTILUS, the brand name of AUSTRIACARD AG in IoT security, brings payment grade security standards into the IoT world and we are very pleased to collaborate with the industry’s best” said Nikolaos Lykos, Chairman of the Board. 

About Vodafone Innovus 

Vodafone Innovus is an end-to-end IoT solutions provider, founded in Athens, Greece in 2004 and a fully owned Vodafone subsidiary since 2012. Always pushing the boundary of innovation by developing cutting edge solutions, Vodafone Innovus is widely recognized by several market intelligence providers as a significant partner of Vodafone Global IoT, offering IoT and NB-IoT customer solutions on a global scale.


AUSTRIACARD is an Information Technology company with world leading expertise in Hardware Embedded Systems.  Through its fusion, with more than 120 years of know-how in security printing technologies, it is best known for its EMV payment solutions, smart security Government documents, end-to-end communications for more than 300 M. customers per annum, as well as highly customized IoT solutions

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