During the past years AUSTRIACARD has developed a special card material tailored specifically to the demands of healthcare products. The unique, cutting edge T4-MED CARD BODY is ideal for insurance and healthcare cards of any kind.

Layers are made of environmentally friendly plastic foils comprising polyester and polyolefin components with high bending-resistance and robustness. The main characteristics are similar to those of polycarbonate but at the same time the weight of the T4-med health card is significantly lower directly impacting logistic distribution costs. The total weight reduction amounts to more than 20%. In addition, cards with the T4-med card body are free of Bisphenol A or any other carcinogenic substances and are based on a sandwich construction, that does not require any adhesives but also does not delaminate. The composite material used for the T4-med health cards fully complies with ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC7816, and ISO 10373-1, in terms of durability a lifespan of more than 10 years is possible.

So far, around 6 million cards manufactured based on this construction have been rolled out to full customer satisfaction.

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