NATIONAL BANK of GREECE launch digital onboarding

NATIONAL BANK of GREECE in collaboration with INFORM (member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS), becomes the first bank in the Greek market to launch digital onboarding with qualified certificates, taking an important step in the digital age

NATIONAL BANK of GREECE, as part of its ongoing digital transformation strategy, announced a new, innovative digital onboarding service, through its mobile app, the first to be introduced in the Greek market. A critical part of this service is INFORM, which, loyal to its principles, in terms of providing technologically advanced services, is a pioneer in the digital transformation of high specialization and in digital banking.

The digital onboarding application is also available for Greek citizens living in foreign countries and provides the ability to create a new bank account from a mobile phone, without the need to visit a branch. More specifically, through the NBG Mobile Banking application, each citizen can open a savings account, issue a Debit card (Debit VISA or Debit MasterCard) and obtain credentials to i-bank Internet & Mobile Banking.

The process is carried out entirely via smartphone, and the verification of the user’s identity is done through a representative with a live video conference, also providing a digital qualified signature of the contracts. The service is addressed to Greek residents, aged 18 or over, who have a Greek ID card or a valid passport and are tax liable in Greece.

This new service has already attracted the interest of 30,000 potential NBG customers.

George Marinos, Director of Digital Transformation NBG, stated “The National Bank of Greece, with the help of INFORM, launched first in Greece, one of the most innovative digital transformation products in the banking sector, the Digital Customer Onboarding service. Anyone now has the ability to open a bank account and issue a bank card, from the comfort of their own home, simply by using their mobile phone and the National Bank’s i-Bank Mobile banking application. The service is based on modern video identification technologies and digital certificates, and is supported by experienced certified agents.  For its implementation and support, we trusted INFORM, its know-how, its staff and its experience in similar projects abroad.

It was an excellent partnership, which in a very short time period, delivered a complex innovative product and allowed us to provide high quality services to our customers safely, in the difficult period we are going through.

Kostas Lymperopoulos, INFORM’s Commercial Director, stated “A basic pillar for the digital transformation of a banking institution is the Digital On-Boarding. We are very happy that National Bank of Greece trusted us to deliver this innovative and demanding solution. Working closely with the bank’s team, we managed to complete earlier than planned the project, to overcome the technical, legal and compliance obstacles and thus making NBG to be the first bank in Greece, providing an end to end Digital On-Boarding process with Digital Qualified Certificate.”

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