Digital transformation simplifies an inseparable branch of HR

Digital transformation simplifies an inseparable branch of HR: payroll management.. The introduction of new technology-based tools offers human resources departments several significant benefits while giving them the opportunity to focus on value-added missions.

No longer does running payroll require you to print out and maintain mountains of paperwork. INFORM’s Digital Payslip help all organizations make the process completely paperless.

Rather than having to print out payroll slips and reports, this solution allows handling this task fully digital with an advanced user interface.

INFORM’s digital payroll slip unmatched advantages:

  • Fully digital paperless process
  • Eliminates the delivery of payroll slips
  • Enhance employee loyalty and brand engagement
  • Incorporates a unique way for employees to communicate with HR Dept without intermediates
  • Excellent way to communicate corporate news and/or employee’s fringe benefits
  • Demonstrate innovation

An Omni channel solution lets your employees choose how to receive this kind of communication, quite literally at the reach of a button and stored on their mobile phones. The platform can support many languages.

Employees want insight into their assets, so this gives out the ability to work with their own data. This platform provides them with the ability to store and analyze their information.

The system works as follows

In actual terms this means that the employee will receive an SMS, email or viber (whatever he chooses), which will contain the url to the microsite / digital platform.

Then the user with a browser opening up, directing to the platform directly, so as to log in with their unique details – The microsite is fully mobile optimized and responsive

Once the user is logged in, will have access to the pay slip, which will be available to download in .pdf format, if he wants

At the top of the page, we have the ability to place tabs with content of the company’s choosing.  The employee has also the ability to create/modify his profile, communicate directly with HR Dept. and/or receives his personal vouchers/coupons (if applied)

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