NAUTILUS presents 2C Solutions

NAUTILUS has been listening to the market to understand how the pandemic will affect IoT and the industries it applies to. IoT is undoubtedly becoming more relevant than ever. The COVID-19 crisis highlights the importance of remotely controlling and monitoring your products/assets and this applies to almost every industry.

With fewer staff on the ground and more working remote, this previously nice-to-have remote control is now becoming a necessity.

Are you prepared to respond to this crisis?

Are you still in control of the quality of your products?

Can you guarantee quality throughout the entire products’ lifecycle?

The main step to ensure the desired and much required quality, is to monitor the products’ conditions while they are stored in refrigerated warehouses and industrial fridges/freezers, where your products spend a great percentage of their lifecycle. That’s where your product’s quality is most at risk!

NAUTILUS IoT can help you be in control with their 2C Solution. 2C is an integrated solution, which includes all the necessary infrastructure and telemetry equipment installed in your refrigerators or warehouses (accompanied by temperature, humidity, door opener, power supply sensors, etc.). The telemetry device, using a private global mobile network, transmits your refrigerator’s operating data to a web-based user portal.

The users, through the customer portal, get access to various dashboards, reports as well as current and historic data regarding the asset conditions.

More importantly, 2C enables real time notifications, sent via SMS or email, on any violations of the acceptable conditions you have configured (e.g. acceptable temperature/humidity ranges etc.).

Last but not least, it offers you an add on demographics service to get to know your customers and be able to identify your more or less profitable points of sales.

And do you want to be able to analyze all this data on a way designed by you?

Then why don’t you ask us about our BI Analytics tools?


  1. End to end solution: includes the appropriate hardware, a user-friendly user portal, the connectivity and dynamic business analytics tools to enable you to be in absolute control of your data.
  2. Adaptable: The same solution can be used in multiple industries and there is a variety of sensors available.
  3. Reliable: The hardware is powered by the main supply, but it also has a battery which can leave up to a few days depending on the communications required. This way the continuity of your data is guaranteed.
  4. Secure: The devices are paired in a unique way with a global/local SIM to provide secure communications through a private APN. Also, multiple security protocols in the receiving side confirm that information is coming from a trusted sender. This way the validity of your data is never compromised.
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