AUSTRIACARD announces its new Personalization Center in the U.S.A.

AUSTRIACARD, ever faithful, to its core values and continuous efforts in providing Solutions in close geographical proximity to where the client needs are and expanding its footprint, is in the pleasant position to announce the opening of its new advanced payment card Personalization Center in Eatontown, New Jersey, through the partnership of its 100% subsidiary TAG Systems with Protec Secure Card.

The successful undertaking of such an investment, showcases the company’s ability in carrying out its impressive growth streak and strategy in delivering the necessary competitive advantage to its clients, across the Atlantic.

TAG Systems, a subsidiary of AUSTRIACARD, is a leading provider of banking cards to both heritage and challenger Banks in Europe and the US, and supports its global delivery model, both for existing and new customers.

Offering a wide range products and services such as contact cards, dual interface cards, metal cards and wearables, in combination with wide range of personalization techniques, the new Personalization Center in the U.S.A. is a key enabler to its success and continuous growth in servicing not only challenger banks, but also small and medium size Banks in the U.S. market, at a top level – a service that was not available to them in the past.

The new Personalization Centre has gained all the necessary certifications to be an approved VISA and MASTERCARD vendor for card personalization services. Certification by these organizations testifies to one of the highest levels of security possible in the plastic card industry, and this degree of security is guaranteed at every stage of our production process.

“The banking industry recognizes that smart card manufacturing and personalization technology is essential to achieving the highest level of security, as well as providing integrated payment solutions that meet the needs of the financial sector. AUSTRIACARD, in the context of business development and geographical expansion of its activity, actively proves its commitment by implementing a significant investment in the shortest time possible. By expanding geographically, the provision of high added value integration solutions, in the US market and Canada, AUSTRIACARD becomes one of the leading companies in the smart card industry worldwide” said Panagiotis Spyropoulos, AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS Group CEO.

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