AUSTRIACARD to supply the Driver Qualification Card for the Netherlands

AUSTRIACARD has been awarded as one of the main suppliers for the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) in December 2019 and is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the delivery of more than 10.000 Qualification Cards for Professional Drivers. The cards will be personalized in RDW’s trusted high security premises in Veendam, the Netherlands. The Qualification Card is a supplementary identity document to the Driving License that indicates that drivers for the carriage of goods or passengers completed their mandatory education (and maintaining periodic training) and are qualified as a “professional driver” of busses or lorries.

AUSTRIACARD is manufacturing the 100% Polycarbonate card body which is characterized by higher durability and enhanced security features, reaching from Level 1 to 3 that protect the card against counterfeiting, such as relief printing, optical variable ink (OVI), a hologram/Kinegram or micro text.  

The product range of cards to be supplied by AUSTRIACARD for RDW within this three years framework agreement also covers Driving Instructor Cards and Smart Identity Cards for RDW’s employees (partly with MIFARE®-Chips and PKI Application).  

RDW (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer) is not only the implementing organization of the Dutch government in charge for vehicle (registration) matters and issuance of driving licenses, but also carries out various EU type approvals for vehicles and serves the public interest by providing consultation services for Governmental organizations with regard to road safety, registrations and document issuance.  

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