EON Romania – Customers’ Contact Automation Solution award to INFORM LYKOS Romania

INFORM LYKOS ROMANIA has received by E.ON Romania the award for a Project related to the development and implementation of a Chatbot – Customer Contact Automation solution.

The Chatbot will provide E.ON’s End-Customers with multiple interaction options online, such as: online contracting of various types of services, communicating and taking over information in order to get customized reports and generate alerts relating to the E.ON services and access to information, processes or personal data. To achieve this, the proposed Chatbot will be integrated with various E.ON systems. The project deliverables also include a single DMS and Repository System (RS) that will electronically archive all the documents generated during such online interactions with the customer (e.g.: identity card, invoice from the current supplier, proof of payment, house-related document, picture of the gas or electricity meter). Moreover, the solution will enable the OCR functionality for the identity card and the invoice from the current supplier, the data taken over being validated against the existing data in E.ON’s systems.

In a nutshell, INFORM LYKOS ROMANIA will carry out the following activities:

  • Business Analysis of the E.ON processes in the online, Self-care and online sales customer relation
  • Implementation and set up the Cloud infrastructure
  • Implementation of a custom Chatbot Solution
  • Integration with LiveChat so that customers can go to an agent if their questions cannot be automatically answered
  • Training of the E.ON teams’ agents in order to take over customers from Chatbot into LiveChat
  • Implementation of the document archiving solution (DMS)
  • Implementation of the OCR mechanisms in order to recognize the information from the documents uploaded by customers
  • Integration with various E.ON’s systems
  • Implementation of Algorithms to validate the data taken over from the documents loaded by customers on the supplier change or product procurement processes
  • Development and performance of functional tests, conduction of system tests and running performance and stress tests
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