INFORM leads a Greek-French consortium claiming the Greek Identity Tender

A strategic partnership has been formed with the IN Groupe (French State Printing House) under the auspices of AUSTRIACARD, company of Greek interests, in order to bid for the  the project of  the new Greek National IDs, which include  edge technology in e-governance functions.

The Greek-French alliance bears the „signature” of INFORM, which is the leader of this consortium and creates a strong partnership of high standards.

IN Groupe is a global specialist in identity and secure digital services that has a long experience in designing, producing and printing high security documents alongside identity systems. Each year, IN Groupe produces more than 35M secure documents, including 8M passports. IN Groupe has partnered with 28 different governments.

AUSTRIACARD has equally extensive experience in the printing of government documents for the last 20 years and has partnered with 12 countries in this crucial field. It belongs to AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, a technology solution provider. INFORM, based in Athens, is also a part of the same group.

The leading of the consortium by a Greek company, INFORM, reflects the quality of the Greek technological ecosystem and the guarantee, on a global level, of the local needs and national Greek interest on this tender.

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