NAUTILUS has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Program Business Innovation Greece. The Program is financed by the Innovation Norway initiative.

NAUTILUS specializes in IoT and hardware embedded security. As a technology leader, it will focus its efforts on the development and implementation of innovative green, blue, or ICT technologies and services.

The aim of the project is the development of innovative tools (hardware and software) to enable live monitoring capabilities of the conditions of a perishable product, transferred by refrigerated trucks. Live monitoring capabilities will be provided through the interface of the device, or remotely through the web portal of the monitoring framework. The project will connect the technological expertise from industry leaders to companies having limited resources in the SME sector. The project will facilitate the transportation of sensitive goods, such as fish and other perishables, via land air and sea.

The outcome of the project will introduce additional marketable opportunities to existing and new customers in the logistics and maritime sector and help them to streamline processes and operational costs.

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