AB Vassilopoulos trusts INFORM (member of the AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS Group), for the implementation and support of the HRforME digital Human Resources platform, in the context of its digital transformation.

INFORM (member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS), in its continuous efforts of developing new digital solutions, has created the HR management platform, a new tool which is designed to meet all the modern needs and functions of the Human Resources Department of an organization.

AB Vassilopoulos trusted INFORM for the implementation and support of the HRforME Digital Platform in the context of its digital transformation

Operating both through a computer and a smartphone, it has the ability to inform and communicate personally with employees. On the platform, employees can find payroll slip, corporate news and announcements, information on employees’ assessment, questionnaires, chatting capabilities, job posting, certificates of employment / service, coupons, , etc.

Kostas Lymperopoulos, Commercial Director of INFORM, stated in this regard:

“Our constant goal is to offer solutions that help our customers in their digital transformation efforts and in providing integrated solutions. One of our products is the personnel management platform that addresses our clients’ HR departments and enables the digitization and automation of their functions, without requiring the involvement of IT, a fact which provides a unique advantage to the HR management team as it will have the main control.

We are very happy that AB Vassilopoulos entrusted us to offer this innovative and demanding solution. Moreover, we are twice as happy, that the AB’s HRforME platform has exceeded the initial expectations of the people we designed it for and has been embraced by the thousands of people in the AB family. “

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