PeP cards with new dynamic design through AUSTRIACARDs colored edge technology

PeP EMV contactless Visa Card is launched as a multi-currency product that allows spending all over the world and on the Internet with advantageous exchange rates. Additionally, PeP Visa Card offers the usage of ATM transactions without charging any commission at your home country as well as abroad. With these features, Pep Visa Card becomes an indispensable tool for travels. Those who own a PeP Visa Card also have an important price advantage for 24/7 instant delivery in money transfers from abroad via the PeP digital wallet. These features make it an excellent choice especially for students who continue their education abroad and freelancers. In order to have a modern visual effect the PeP card is produced with a vivid colored edge making it stand out from any wallet. PeP trusted AUSTRIACARD Turkey as their partner of choice to produce and personalize these cards. 

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