Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution in both Greek (ILG) and Romanian (ILR)

October 2020, ΑUSTRIACARD has deployed a centralized and flexible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution in both Greek (ILG) and Romanian (ILR) affiliates utilizing at its best the existing Cognitive Automations – Center of Excellence (CoE) Team.

The process which was automated by INFORM LYKOS Digital Team was the Sales Orders’ creation. Many protocol files are produced daily (>1000) for ILR and ILG. Those protocol files have to be uploaded to the SAP platform. Once they’re uploaded, some information has to be transmitted to the responsible departments through emails.

The applications involved were: SAP, SQL Database, internal INFORM Software Tools and Microsoft Office Applications, including Outlook.

Previous situation:

  • Lot of time spent daily by employees on this manual process.
  • Problems: Check for duplicates relies on the human operator memory, sometimes duplicate orders are created.
  • Reporting: Basic reporting, only the SO number is sent via e-mail.

Existing solution:

  • Fully Automated Solution saving hours of daily work!
  • No duplicate orders will be submitted, no false orders will be created!
  • Problems: N/A.
  • Reporting: Full reporting on the process!
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