Hellenic Airforce Health Services and NAUTILUS partner up on Cutting Edge IoT Solutions

The 251 Hellenic Airforce General Hospital and NAUTILUS have partnered up in implementing a cutting edge IoT solution in the Hospital’s Facilities. The recently launched service called „2C – To Connect” offers real time monitoring of the environmental conditions of the Hospital’s fridges and warehouses, providing a highly effective tool towards the maintenance of its sensitive materials’ integrity.

Highly Sensitive materials such as medicines and stored food supplies, can only be preserved under specific environmental conditions, in compliance to very strict regulatory and industry standards, creating a large amount of operational hurdles to the Hospital’s management.  NAUTILUS (2C – To Connect) solution, with all of its components, provides control of assets, with the dynamic visibility of its fridges and warehouses, while checking operations from any device, ensuring that any problems in maintaining the necessary conditions, are a thing of the past.

The 2C solution is highly automated, providing alerts and notifications in real time, via a secure global mobile network, establishing a safety net for the Hospital in addressing issues immediately and maintaining the integrity of its most valuable and sensitive assets

The service is provided to the Hellenic Airforce Hospital, completely free of charge, as part of NAUTILUS’ Scheme in supporting the Hellenic Armed Forces Health Services.

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