DoValue entrusts INFORM (member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS) for its Digital Onboarding Solution

DoValue entrusts INFORM as its trusted partner to offer omni-channel digital remote Identification and e-SIGN services to its Debtors, to facilitate and accelerate the debt restructuring process, through a completely enhanced and user friendly digital experience. INFORM shall offer a series of services for remote identification, including the selfie and Video legitimation services with its specially trained and certified agents.

The solution shall offer on top the digitalization of the complete KYC/AML process of doVALUE, thus increasing performance and efficiency in the debt restructuring process with less operational expenses.

DoValue customers, who pass successfully the ID verification and KYC/AML process, shall have the ability to digitally sign their personalized loan agreement with a Disposable Qualified Certificate (QES), which shall be on top signed with an automatic Qualified signature by the respective doVALUE’s representative, through the highest levels of assurance.

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