Eunice Energy Group appoints INFORM as its trusted partner

Eunice Energy Group appoints INFORM as its trusted partner to offer a multi-level Business Needs Assessment for automating processes at the Back Office of its energy supply. The consulting services are aiming to analyse and record many of Eunice Energy Group’s processes, providing thus the chance to automate them and dramatically reduce operational costs, freeing at the same time employees’ schedule to deal with more interesting and demanding problems.

As a next step, Eunice Energy Group is planning to co-operate with INFORM to automate the aforementioned processes through the use of a Robotic Process Automation platform.

Eunice Energy Group is the sole provider of energy in Greece that supplies the country with 100% clean, green electricity. For this reason, through its retail arm We Energy, it has recently received its third year running award, coming first in its exclusively use of RES as published by DAPEEP and is also ranked amongst the top ten Greek companies for ESG performance.

Eunice Energy Group is also the sole Energy Group in Greece that generates electricity Exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources. With a significant position on the international energy map as well as the Greek and global green economy, and with more than 20 years of experience in the development of innovative and integrated solutions for the production and utilization of renewables, Eunice supports a wide range of green activities and operates across a wide spectrum of renewable and sustainable projects including the Hybrid Autonomous Production System, S4S, which constituted the island of Tilos as the first Autonomous island in the Mediterranean and has earned multiple awards, the Southern Aegean Interconnector (SAI) and the Greece – Africa Power Interconnector (GAP), the AIGAIO Project, as well as two ground-breaking Battery Energy Storage Systems (Ptolemaida BESS and Arcadia BESS).

By putting innovation at the core of its business, Eunice has developed a one-of-its-kind integrated system of energy autonomy, the Aftonomo by Eunice, applicable to residential and commercial premises, offering the opportunity for every citizen to become an independent and autonomous energy ‘NetProsumer’– a producer and consumer of energy. Aftonomo by Eunice has already been successfully implemented in houses and business in Greece offering energy self-sufficiency and grid independence with its ALL-IN-ONE system of energy production, storage and smart management and control.

Additionally, Eunice has its own in-house manufactured wind turbine, the EW16 Thetis, and plays a leading role in the emerging field of e-mobility by producing EV chargers participating in the charging network development with turnkey solutions.

With a strategic focus towards new technological advancements, incorporating IoT, AI and blockchain technology, Eunice envisions a clean, green world of a collaborative co-existence where energy independence and energy autonomy is obtained by every citizen, and energy management and control is possible and achievable, anytime, from anywhere.

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