AUSTRIACARD – ReACts Towards a more Sustainable Future

At AUSTRIACARD we are always listening to the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and society at large.  Therefore, it was imperative for us to be at the forefront for developing new products that would assist in the goal towards a new sustainable future.

Since the beginning of 2021 we are including in our program two new materials for card production:

  • Philo – degradable card material
  • ReACt – recycled card material

And we are very proud that many of our customers like Credit Agricole in Poland, Unicredit Bank Austria, Slovenská sporiteľňa ,  Finbank, Credins Bank, Finbank, Hypo Oberösterreich, just to mention some, have already trusted us and changed their product lines into more eco friendlier materials.

Playing the devil’s advocate, yes, we are still using PVC and we have to use chips and antennas, however it is important for us, that through making such small changes, our mind-set changes. This is a huge step forward, not to take everything as granted and business as usual, but to think of how to make sth different. Therefore, we are additionally offering eg alternative materials for consumables, offering programs of card collection and recycling and have people who look-out and try to see how we can become more sustainable.  Each of us   – as individuals and all together – need to move from a linear to a circular economy where we are going to find ways to re-use material and take care of our scarce resources.

We at AUSTRIACARD try to open a window to Earth. Join us.

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