INFORM (member of AUSTRIACARD Holdings) and PIRAEUS BANK striving for a sustainable future introduce the first full recycled payment card portfolio on the Greek market

Piraeus Bank will be the first Bank in Greece introducing cards made out of recycled material.

Following the vision towards a sustainable environment, the Bank decided to replace their existing card portfolio using our ReACt cards.  The new cards are made out of 99% recycled material meaning that for both the card core as well as the external protective overlays recycled PVC is used.

The use of recycled PVC lowers the CO2 impact 80% compared to standard PVC, if we consider that the share of CO2 for virgin PVC is around 15.79 g per card to 3.095 g per card for recycled PVC.  Therefore, our mindset should move from a ‚throw-away’ society towards a circular production environment, where we recycle, reuse and this way reduce the waste and save precious resources.

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