Avramar joins forces with NAUTILUS to enjoy the evolution of trust

Aiming to always be at the forefront of developments in IT and communications, providing its clients with cutting-edge solutions that will help them stand out in their industries, NAUTILUS is undertaking a big project, offering high – tech and high – quality IoT services to the world’s largest producer of Mediterranean fish, Avramar.

With a total production volume of more than 70,000 tons and a presence in more than 30 markets, AVRAMAR is now ready to accept the empowerment provided by NAUTILUS to focus on operational excellence with secure solutions.

After collecting Avramar’s data that was used to measure the KPI’s, conclusion is drawn on the fact that the company has all the features to embrace the support of NAUTILUS’s services.

Specifically, research has shown that:

  • • Incidents that have occurred in the supply chain in between the checkpoints (from the packaging plants to the distribution centers), have been identified on time and resolved.
  • • Incidents that have occurred with the mishandling of goods in the distribution centers has been resolved
  • • Incidents that have occurred, during sea transportation, where truck was not connected to the electric power of the ship have been identified on time and the shipment was protected.
  • • Upper management of the Company stated that the solution gave his customer’s product added value and increased his Company reputation.

Services/Solution components:

  • • Disposable IoT devices, embedded with GPS and temperature sensor
  • • NAUTILUS web-based platform
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