European Reliance relaunches Loyalty Mobile App

INFORM has successfully delivered to European Reliance, the relaunch of a Loyalty Mobile App for the insurance product “Asfalistikos Goneas”. The newly mobile app, accessible for both iOS and Android devices, aims to retain and manage all client information that are part of the bonus loyalty program, offering a user experience that will satisfy and engage clients to the company.

The deliverables of phase one of the project, is to further engage the users of the loyalty program. Moreover, the ultimate goal of the project is to drive European Reliance forward with a sustainable, open, secure and expandable implementation that complements and enhances the organization’s existing offering and will allow for embracing future trends and practices related to mobility and marketing concepts.

A crucial step to achieving this project’s goal, is first to deliver a scalable and modern infrastructure that will enable current and future business scenarios, new business models and set the foundations for business innovation. Despite of what is currently defined as “modern” architecture for most API enabled organizations, no implementation is the same. This is since each organization is unique (processes, core services, CRM and back-office systems, existing technological landscape, existing development skills and the organization’s overall platform strategy).

INFORM is a part of this project’s scope and is ready to provide to European Reliance (via the phase two of the project), the required architecture in order to further build the enabling backbone for this project for the years to come.

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