INFORM leads the way on the future business race

In a constantly evolving business and digital landscape, INFORM leverages both its experience and its vision to actively participate in a wide range of activities. For the last months, the firm powerfully embraces its social responsibility, combined with the adaptation of the digital transformation, as well as the challenge of delivering a better future.


Race for autism

In April, the organization had the chance to show how business can be a force for good, by being a part of the ‘Race for Autism’, in honor of the World Autism Awareness Day. INFORM had the honor to be a sponsor of Hellenic Society of Developmental Pediatricians and raced for autism at Zappeion Megaron, making that day, a one to remember.

> INFORM on LinkedIn: In honor of World Autism Awareness Day we “Raced for Autism”.

Digital Business Transformation Conference

In May, at the Digital Business Transformation Conference at OTEAcademy, INFORM showed a powerful presence, by having its Commercial Director Kostas Lymperopoulos as an inspiring speaker, to provide insights and demonstrate why Inform is always on the forefront of digital transformation services.

> Kostas Lymperopoulos demonstrating why INFORM is always on the forefront – LinkedIn

Powerful presence @Posidonia

June for INFORM kicked off powerfully, by participating in the international shipping exhibition ‘Posidonia’ with CloudFin. From June 6th to June 10th the two partners discussed ways in which their potential clients can improve their company’s processes by using cutting-edge solutions, targeting complex business problems in the areas of process automation, accounting solutions, advanced analytics and remote operations through cloud applications, mobile apps and chatbots.

This influential presence was a proof that the services provided by INFORM and CloudFin can empower companies to seize business opportunities and address keynote strategies for business development in the new era of innovation.

> Inform & CloudFin participate in the international shipping exhibition – LinkedIn

Erasmus students to visit INFORM premises in Romania

In June, INFORM had also the chance to assert its vision to set the rules for the digital future ahead, by giving the opportunity to Erasmus students from Athens to come across with its Digital Transformation Solutions. That way, the organization proved that it is always there to share its expertise – especially when it comes interacting with very talented young people! The Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce organized the visit to the premises of INFORM Romania, after the invite by the Chief Strategy Officer of Inform Kostas Fiakas and was thrilled to go through the technologies of Dynamic Communication Management, where the next generation of electronic bills and statements are developed and designed by experts software engineers. The conclusion, unanimously agreed by all students, was that learning is always more efficient when knowledge mixes with pleasure.

> With Erasmus students from Athens, we visited the premises of INFORM – Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn

26th Annual Economist Government Roundtable

Facing the importance of being a part of meaningful actions and dialogues on key issues and topics that affect the global economy and the global community, INFORM was present at the 26th Annual Economist Government Roundtable, held in Athens early July. The Group’s Marketing Manager, Panos Virvilios, attended the roundtable that focused on ‘Antitheses, transformations and achievements in a changing world’ that INFORM supported as a contributor.

> INFORM on LinkedIn: #EconRoundtableGR #informlykos #austriacard

INFORM welcomes guests to a roundtable about Digital Transformation Solutions

Seizing the networking opportunities that are offered from roundtables,  INFORM welcomed guests to an interactive and dynamic round table event about Digital Transformation Solutions that was indicated as an exciting presentation with live demos and videos illustrating highly specialized and technologically advanced solutions that offer value in the customers’ business!

> Michael Kyriakidis and Kostas FIAKAS welcomed guests to an interactive – LinkedIn

Last but not least, the first roundtable event that was held by INFORM and UiPath, showcasing the amazing capabilities of RPA in major industries, mirroring the real world to its digital future. Regional Channel Manager and Sales Director- FSI of UiPath Massimiliano Morlacchi and Diego Prezio, alongside Head of Presales and Group Marketing Manager of INFORM Michael Kyriakidis and Panos Virvilios rocked the stage in a highly productive but also fun day that forecasted where technology is heading next.

> INFORM on LinkedIn: #digital #future #rpa

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