SECURING THE FUTURE! AUSTRIACARD’s next generation Chip Operating System for e-ID applications.

The operating system of the embedded chip is the heart of an intelligent/smart card and AUSTRIACARD is one of the few information technology providers that develops and continuously evolves in this field.

Thriving from more than 20 years of experience in the highly sensitive markets including financial, e-health and transportation, AUSTRIACARD’s R&D team responded to the market needs of enhanced security in the identification sector and developed its next generation Chip Operating System ACOS-ID.
ACOS-ID proving highest security by Common Criteria EAL4+ certification (assurance level 5+ is coming soon) and fulfilling the requirements of ANSSI for re-inforced qualification allows multi-application support for any combination of the following:

  • • National Identity card
  • • Passport
  • • eID card for Identification, Authentication and qualified Signature / PKI including efficient one-shot signature
  • • Residence permit card
  • • Driving licence
  • • Vehicle registration card
  • • Health card

Furthermore, ACOS-ID was developed, to ensure maximum flexibility for the customers, hence AUSTRIACARD is able to provide tailor-made solutions in relation to the chip’s memory size, operating system and applications that can be added or developed. Therefore, ACOS ID is a distinctively resource efficient OS with small memory footprint, through which the customer obtains a fully sustainable solution for long-lifetime ID/government projects without compromising in performance or usability.

AUSTRIACARD your Partner of Choice for ID.

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