AUSTRIACARD – Paving the way to the future

For AUSTRIACARD the last months were an exciting and fruitful period, in which opportunities were given for meetings with friends and partners, to interchange ideas. Moreover, new honourable awards were received as part of the impressive innovation shown in the demanding security applications in the fields of Payment, Identification and Machine to Machine communication.

  1. Ceremonial Award for the next Generation Chip Operating System of AUSTRIACARD

In August, the firm was handed over the EAC/Pace and BAC Certificate in the ANSII ceremony in France, for its new powerful product ACOS ID v 2.0., which showcases the company’s ability in developing solutions and applications which are centre stage of a vastly changing IT landscape. The next generation of Chip Operating System responds to the market’s need for enhanced security in identification, by creating a holistic solution that is able to cover most e-ID uses cases in a wide spectrum of edge security information demands.

  1. Seminar about the value of innovative technology

In September, PayLink powered by AUSTRIACARD, organized a seminar in Tirana Albania, which highlighted the emerging technology and innovative technological products, from PIN via Electronic Channels to Mobile Payments and DoB. Major Financial Institutions from Albania and Kosovo attended the event getting an insight about the new opportunities that the cooperation of AUSTRIACARD and PayLink is offering.

  1. Seamless East Africa Exhibition in Nairobi

In October, AUSTRIACARD was happy to be once again present at the Seamless East Africa Exhibition featuring as an innovative exhibitor that offers cutting-edge products and solutions across all aspects of the payments, banking, and fintech industries. It was a great occasion to discuss and evaluate the future developments in the banking and Fintech market. It was also an excellent opportunity for Ibrahim Kone, a member in the business development team of the firm and responsible for the region, to introduce himself to customers and partners.

  1. Silver Sponsor at the SmartCard Conference 22 in Croatia

In October, AUSTRIACARD was honoured to be a Silver Sponsor at the Ιnternational Ψonference regarding cards and payments applications in financial and other sectors, SmartCard 2022, held in Croatia. The conference has been developed for many years, monitoring application development in banks and credit cards, and out of the banking system. The latest developments of card technology were presented, with special emphasis on smart card trends, as well as the issue of security of use and transactions. AUSTRIACARD’s dedicated team had the opportunity to share experiences, present new digital solutions and news on the firm’s sustainability product range and also discuss about the state and future of technology.

AUSTRIACARD is looking forward to seeing you all in our upcoming events. Stay tuned.

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