AUSTRIACARD and INFORM invest in a greener future by installing Photovoltaic in Romania

AUSTRIACARD and INFORM are pleased to announce their first project of Photovoltaic Power Plant installation in Romania. The project aims at accelerating the deployment of solar power by scaling up technologies of innovative solar products.

In a world where now more than ever countries must take truly drastic adaptation and mitigation measures to tackle climate change, the 2 organisations invest in innovative solutions that can create a greener future.

The solar panels of the new Photovoltaic Power Plant in Romania are expected to consume about 1.340 MWh in a year (considering the weather in Romania for one year), almost 23% from the country’s annual consumption, which is estimated at about 5.400 MWh per year (split 50 % ILR and 50% ACR).

It is clear that the climate change adaptation strategies are necessary and involve adjusting our behaviour and building improved infrastructure to better cope with changing weather temperatures. Following this urgent need, the key facts of the Photovoltaic Power Plant are a proof that even though concerted climate action was needed yesterday, the results are powerfully brought today.

– Nominal Power 880 kW

– 2176 photovoltaic modules x 455 W each (nominal power) in 68 panels of 62,4 sqm each panel

– For each kWh not consumed from the grid, CO2 emissions are reduced by 252 gr and radioactive waste by 0.003 gr

– Annually, we will manage to protect the environment, following the implementation of this project, with:

311.43 tons less CO2 emissions

3.71 kg less radioactive waste

We proudly show the commitment to issue determined contributions and ramp up action to adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change.

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