METRO/MyMarket chooses INFORM for a brand new digital experience

METRO/MyMarket, one of the largest retailers in Greece with almost 250 stores, will be using INFORM’s innovative automation services – CloudFin True Capture –  to help their customers deliver digital experiences that can drive better results and bring more value to their clients.

It is estimated that the company receives around 3 million documents annually, which means that on a daily basis thousands of suppliers send invoices and credit notes with different formats and layouts.

This cutting edge solution will enable the company to build a digital world for its clients that will work better for everyone.

The True Capture solution enables a fully automated document journey from METRO’s suppliers to INFORM’s e-archiving storage all the way automated to ERP purchase invoice/inventory & accounting entries without user input or review, while a cutting-edge cloud enterprise suite, enables rapid processing and controlling of all expense / purchase document –and accounting – entries  with automated matching of PO’s, significantly minimizing the procurement and accounting department operational timeframe.

After collecting METRO’s data that was used to measure the KPI’s, conclusion emphasizes on the ability of the company to use the tools mentioned above effectively and benefit from them.

Specifically, it is estimated that the results will revolve around:

–   Automation of METRO’s Account Payables operations and maximized efficiency, with almost 100% accuracy on data capture and 80% automated matching.

–   Increased ROI from minimizing data- entry time and errors

–   Improved decision making by offering valuable real-time information across any device through Advanced Analytics.

MyMarket executive states: “We partnered up with INFORM, in creating a solid and fully digitized path in automating all the document journeys, aiming to minimize errors and maximise efficiency in shortest timeframe.  Our choice did us justice as the results are already staggering.  We had every confidence in INFORM’s ability to deliver such a complicated automation solution, and it is safe to say that our decision making process has been thoroughly enhanced by digitizing the entire document journey.”

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