NBG entrusts INFORM for its brand new cards

In June 2022, INFORM in collaboration with the National Bank of Greece, launched the new re-designed (debit, credit & prepaid) plastic cards, creating a benchmark in card design.

INFORM worked closely with the bank for over a year to assist and realize the new cards production. The new NBG cards are minimalistic yet creative in their approach, focusing on the bank’s imposing historic building in the Centre of Athens which has been emphasized by several forward-looking techniques like hololam, iriodin and high structured.

The design of the cards although modern, utilizes a colorful monochromatic approach to make the plastics look up to date, meanwhile staying true to the Bank’s values and tradition.  The cards’ artwork was executed immaculately, portrait on the one side; being the first card to only present the Cardholder’s Name on the front providing a highly customized look and feel. The backside, remains in horizontal orientation consisting of the PAN number, expiration date etc. Moreover, the new cards are now personalized using the latest laser methods and are positioned on contemporary portrait carriers that align with both the card’s new style as well as the orientation.

Mrs Volioti Eleftheria Ηead of Cards Division at National Bank of Greece, said about this collaboration

National Bank of Greece, with respect to its vision and strategy, has decided to redesign one of its points of reference and its critical mean of payments, the cards.

As a result of close cooperation with the company INFORM, plastics have emerged with a distinctive, modern vertical design with colors and graphics that respect the values and culture of the National Bank standing out on our wallets with colorful edges. The high quality of production, with specific specialized standards for the company, enables us to confirm our commitment to the vision of the continuous upgrade of our services and products.


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