Output Management System for E.ON Energie Romania

E.ON Energie Romania has teamed up with INFORM, to design a customized solution for reducing operational costs and centralize and improve time for the creation, delivery, storage, and retrieval of outbound communication from their ERP system.

Data requested from different business units, bulk or ad-hoc, are picked by the system, processed with a custom made application and based on predefined rules, the output is selected. Different format for different channels, PCL for printing on a local printer, PDFs for electronic archiving, mass printing or sent through an email.

The entire process is designed as a 100% automated flow with a Real-Time tracking and request delivery reports through a web interface.

The system handles simultaneously all the requests to produce:

· The data for printing the monthly invoices

· An electronic version of each invoice and return them to E.ON Energie Romania, for use on the customer portal (E.ON Myline)

· A PDF from an SAP request and send it back to the requester’s local printer or email it as an attachment

· PDF copies of all the printed invoices and upload them to E.ON’s Energie Romania electronic archiving platform

· An XML file for electronic invoicing

The solution is hosted on INFORM’s data center, is communicating with E.ON’s Energie Romania MS Azure infrastructure through a proprietary integration software, over a secure connection, and user’s requests can be processed and return results within 5 seconds!


By November 2022, an upgrade to the solution will add the feature of electronically sign all produced PDFs, using a Qualified Electronic Signature. For this the process it will include the use of dedicated HSMs and e-signing servers, to sign hundreds of thousands of documents per day.

With the exception of the PCL/PDF output module, all the components of the solution have been designed, developed, tested and deployed by the development team of INFORM in Romania with the support of E.ON Energie Romania, for the analysis of the processes.

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