AUSTRIACARD receives PCI DSS certification

Vienna, April 2017 – Using your banking card to secure your Gmail or Facebook account is no futuristic idea any more. AUSTRIACARD became the first company globally to offer fully-fledged, multi-application smart cards, supporting the newest MasterCard MChip Advance and FIDO U2F on ONE dual interface token. FIDO is a new authentication standard that uses a second factor to authenticate the user and to counter password theft.

AUSTRIACARD Global First to Certify MasterCard Product with FIDO Authentication

Vienna, July 2016 – AUSTRIACARD today announced that its ACOS FIDO® smart cards are now FIDO® Certified. The cards have passed the FIDO interoperability testing, and AUSTRIACARD can thus offer to its clients FIDO® Certified products, including contactless and dual interface-cards, as well as NFC-based key fobs, stickers, and bracelets. AUSTRIACARD is the first member of the Alliance that has achieved FIDO certification for EMV smart payment cards.

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