AUSTRIACARD announces its new Personalization Center in the U.S.A.

AUSTRIACARD, ever faithful, to its core values and continuous efforts in providing Solutions in close
geographical proximity to where the client needs are and expanding its footprint, is in the pleasant
position to announce the opening of its new advanced payment card Personalization Center in
Eatontown, New Jersey, through the partnership of its 100% subsidiary TAG Systems with Protec
Secure Card.

Digital On Boarding

Customers today have high expectations for a seamless experience, increased efficiency and a strong response when interacting with a bank. The first step to improve the customer experience is a fully digital onboarding process.Digitalization of bank’s processes is the key for achieving these expectations.


AUSTRIACARD GmbH and TAG Systems have done a merger / acquisition scheme, where AUSTRIACARD Holdings controls 73.4% of the shares of the combined entity and thus the leadership of the new group, while TAG Systems management stays invested and continues in their leading positions ensuring continuity for TAG’s business partners and potential for enhanced services and support, under the umbrella of AUSTRIACARD.

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