AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS is a family owned holding group of companies that specializes in Digital Security, Information Management and Internet of Things under three distinct divisions. We operate in more than 50 countries and we serve the needs of the Financial, Government’s, Retail and the IoT’s industries. The combination of well-established industrial roots with an expanding services portfolio that meets the needs of the increasingly digital and mobile economy, is at the very core of the Group´s confidence in its future.

“Making a difference is at the core of our philosophy and all of our business operations. We built our businesses on the foundation of security, technology and exceptional service. We also firmly believe in growing our businesses sustainably by being respectful to society and the environment. Trust is everything to us. Our customers trust us to serve them relentlessly with passion and dedication and our people trust us to nurture their exceptional talent and reward their loyalty.”

Nikolaos Lykos

Chairman of the Management Board

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