AUSTRIACARD – A Proven Personalization Expert

The expertise

AUSTRIACARD has more than two decades of experience in card personalization. Currently, the company operates five personalization plants in Athens (Greece), Bucharest (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey), Krakow (Poland), and Vienna (Austria) as well as an unrivalled distribution network in the CEE region. The result of having established such a homogenous infrastructure, is the immaculate mutual backup. A fact which ensures optimized delivery capacity, distribution channels, and short lead times.

All personalization premises are certified, among others, by Visa and MasterCard.

AUSTRIACARD offers a ready-to-use personalization solution for its ACE product line.

Card Personalization
AUSTRIACARD has five card personalization centers across Europe.

The different personalization services

All-in-one card personalization:
  • Chip personalization along with software modules.
  • Data management system.
  • Carrier printing.
  • Support for a number of desktop personalization machines.
Chip personalization:
  • Personalization software modules.
  • EMV data preparation services and consulting.
  • Personalization test tools.
Magnetic stripe encoding
Optical personalization
  • Embossing.
  • Indent printing.
  • Laser Engraving.
  • Thermo printing.
  • Custom card printing.
Lettershop fulfilment

A large part (portion) of the carrier and advertising material is printed  on premise, thus leading to shorter response times in many regions, especially in the CEE area.

PIN mailer print

Direct mailing to cardholder

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