FIDO® Technology offered by AUSTRIACARD

AUSTRIACARD, a leading European expert in digital security, has added an additional layer of security and convenience by providing FIDO® cards and other form factors. Passwords – even the most complex ones – are not sufficiently secure. Especially financial institutions push towards higher security solutions of authentication using secure hardware. To prevent password theft for all sorts of online accounts, the FIDO U2F® technology mitigates the risk by including a second authentication factor on a secure hardware.
Use your banking card for second factor FIDO® authentication.
The use of FIDO® technology transcends industry boundaries. Some application possibilities include:
  • Financial services
  • Online Banking
  • E-government
  • M-commerce
  • Cloud storage
  • E-Mail accounts and social networks
  • Medical services


FIDO® already runs on ACOS, AUSTRIACARD’s native operating system. ACOS FIDO® has passed the FIDO® interoperability testing, and AUSTRIACARD can thus offer to its clients FIDO® certified products. AUSTRIACARD is the first member of the alliance that has a certificate for its FIDO® implementation on EMV payment products i.e. Visa and MasterCard smart cards. AUSTRIACARD offers the following form factors:
  • Dual Interface smart cards
  • Contactless smart cards
  • Mobile stickers
  • Key fobs
  • Wristbands and watches
  • USB and bluetooth tokens

Multiple Advantages

All options for this two-factor authentication are strongly resistant to phishing, but the use of a contactless credit or debit card has multiple advantages. First, everyone owns a smart card. Second, people tend to carry their cards in their pockets wherever they go. And there’s a major benefit for the issuers as well: The visibility of their cards and thus their logo increases exponentially. The bank’s logo is seen every time customers log into the their e-mail, social media, or other accounts. Moreover, AUSTRIACARD can also offer a FIDO® Authentication Server Solution that includes
  • Easy integration / smart interface to CMS
  • Token management
  • Independent channel for token communication
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Reference implementation and Integration Support


In order to reduce sole reliance on passwords, the FIDO® Alliance members share technology and collaborate to develop open specifications for universally strong authentication. The goal is to create authentication methods which are interoperable, more secure and private, and easier to use – giving the possibility to cover as many services as possible with a single device. Since its launch in 2013, the FIDO® Alliance has grown beyond 200 companies and government agencies.
AUSTRIACARD is member of the FIDO® Alliance.
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