Host Card Emulation – No Need for a Secure Element

Host Card Emulation (HCE) is an alternative to the conventional NFC payment technology. Using HCE, the payment application resides on the phone’s operating system (instead of in the physical secure element), and it directly interacts with a secure cloud system and the NFC controller. Thus there is no need for a card issuer to use SIM or other secure elements for contactless NFC transactions.

With Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology you do not need a secure element for mobile payment.

HCE is endorsed by Visa and MasterCard. Google has made HCE technology available on its Android operating system. Any Android 4.4 device equipped with HCE technology can emulate an NFC smart card and support payments, loyalty programs, card access and transit passes.

Employing techniques such as tokenization, AUSTRIACARD provides clients with the same high security standards that you are used from our smart cards.

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