Mobile Payment and the Trusted Service Manager (TSM)

Mobile payment is gaining pace around the world

The unprecedented promise of speed and convenience of mobile payment creates new opportunities to drive the volume of non-cash payments. AUSTRIACARD has been one of the pioneers in this technology and acts as a Trusted Service Manager (TSM), which is the major security component in the complex NFC ecosystem.

Service Manager
AUSTRIACARD’s Trusted Service Manager enables mobile payment

Mobile NFC service

By utilising Near Field Communication (NFC), the mobile phone becomes a fast and convenient means of payment. Furthermore, NFC offers additional functionalities:

  • Contactless payment at the point of sale.
  • Purchase of e-tickets.
  • Access control to restricted areas.
  • Bonus points.
  • Loyalty campaigns.

A secure element within the mobile phone, holds all sensitive information related to these functionalities in order to ensure the highest security standards. One major advantage of mobile payments for financial institutions, is its user interface capability, which can be utilized for various kinds of marketing purposes. For the development and customisation of smart phone applications, payment schemes’ specifications and best practice guidelines are already available.

AUSTRIACARD offers all components required by an issuer to become a mobile NFC payment service provider. This includes the TSM-service, payment user interfaces, and support of different secure elements.

ACE Secure Element Management

The various applications stored in secure elements have to be issued through and managed by a trusted entity. Therefore, AUSTRIACARD offers a Secure Element Management (ACE SEM) platform to service providers.

TSM – Trusted Service Manager

A TSM acts as a broker between the various service providers and connects with the mobile network operators. Furthermore, the TSM is an important provider of technology and manages the mobile applications.

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