Mobile Wallet – A Convenient Payment Method

Unique mobile payment experience

The Mobile Wallet is a mobile payment service based on NFC technology. Using the wallet, consumers can perform their purchases by just tapping the mobile phone on the payment terminal. This automatic payment mode immediately accepts low-value payment transactions without any further confirmation.

User Payment Control

Depending on the type of mobile wallet in use, a high-value payment ,needs to be authenticated by the end-customer on the mobile phone or the payment terminal. Different payment properties such as the kind of cardholder verifications (Mobile PIN, PassCode, mPIN, online PIN, security patterns), can be defined by the issuer.

Load multiple physical cards into one Mobile Wallet

Benefits of the Mobile Wallet

  • Convergence of different categories such as payment, loyalty, access, etc.
  • New content items can be added through the marketplace.
  • Instant activation and delivery of service content.
  • Enhanced user experience by new functionalities such as displaying the transaction history.

Payment History

In addition to managing and controlling the wallet´s payment patterns the consumer has access to a detailed transaction history, including information of the amount, merchant, location, and time of a transaction. On top of that, a rather large number of control features such as visualization of spending history subject to merchant categories are available.

Secure Element Support

The MasterCard PayPass user interface and the Visa payWave user interface have been designed to support various Secure Element (SE) form factors including NFC SIM or mSD, as well as soft SE based environments. Find more information in our AUSTRIACARD Payment Portfolio.

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