An easy and contemporary solution

Cardholders no longer have to wait for the postal delivery of their payment card PIN mailer. AUSTRIACARD has minimized time delivery by utilizing an easy and contemporary solution: PIN over SMS.

This service is based upon the standard and globally available Short Message Service (SMS) technology and ensures a flexible and secure PIN distribution. The SMS gateway is hosted by AUSTRIACARD and can be connected directly to either national mobile network operators or SMS mass aggregators, thus bypassing any geographic barriers.

PIN over SMS
AUSTRIACARD developed a flexible and secure distribution of the PIN over SMS.

Benefits of the solution

  • Instant cardholder PIN access for card usage.
  • Easy handling.
  • Strong security using two factor authentication.
  • Replacement of additional PIN mailer printing and courier service.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Just One Number Away

To enable the use of the PIN over SMS service, the data interface between the issuing bank and AUSTRIACARD has to be extended with the mobile telephone number of the cardholder. This process is simple and time-efficient, while at the same time guarantees data protection across the stage gamut.

AUSTRIACARD’s data management system is processing all relevant information necessary to enable secure PIN value distribution, via the SMS gateway directly to cardholders. This procedure has proven to be highly cost and time efficient for the PIN issuer.

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