Digital Payment Solutions

At AUSTRIACARD, we believe that we must focus on an integrated digital payment solution creating a real value for consumers and allowing to facilitate payments from a consumer’s card account over a variety of payment channels and across numerous use cases. We were thus focusing on building a digital product proposition which, when delivered to a consumer, will create a seamless multi-channel payment experience under a harmonized ‘look-and-feel’ irrespective of a payment use case.         

Our digital payment wallet proposition encompasses solutions for a number of payment channels – including support of cloud-based (HCE) payment applications based on tokenization services from the payment schemes – and is enhanced by a variety of added-value services – all available from one hand and delivered to a payment card issuer within single wallet application framework by AUSTRIACARD.  

AUSTRIACARD is dedicated to providing the finest digital payment solutions and experience in the marketplace, and our sole focus is to innovate every day providing our clients speed, convenience, security, versatility and experience.

Digital Payment Solution
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