AUSTRIACARD’s Enterprise Solutions

Security standards according to clients’ needs

AUSTRIACARD offers digital security solutions for enterprises of any size and with any special requirement. The company covers the entire spectrum of services needed, including smart card design, production, personalization (including key management) and management as well as the installation and support of personalization systems. Furthermore, AUSTRIACARD acts as a consultant and can take care of the project management.

AUSTRIACARD offers top-notch digital security solutions for enterprises

TicTok – AUSTRIACARD’s versatile all-in-one solution

AUSTRIACARD, together with CRYPTAS it-Security, has developed TicTok, a solution which overcomes the natural conflict between easy-to-use cards (plug and play) and ensuring necessary security levels (certificates).

TicTok is a platform that allows other generic application profiles to run parallel to the standard ones. Typical examples include ticketing vaults, loyalty applications, campus IDs, emergency cards, etc. Please find more about AUSTRIACARD’s state-of-the-art enterprise solutions in our brochure.

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