Features for High-Security ID Cards

Despite the quick progress in the area of electronic security, the card body still plays a central role in the entire security package of ID cards. Guilloches, rainbow print, CLI/MLI features, etc. are just a few of the numerous security elements AUSTRIACARD can apply to high-security cards. Security features can be classified according to what is required to verify the authenticity.

  • Level 1: No equipment
  • Level 2: A simple device
  • Level 3: Forensic equipment and specialist knowledge
  • Level 4: Only the manufacturer can verify the authenticity
  • The combination of multiple features on multiple levels makes the cards literally unforgeable.

You can find an extensive list of frequently used security features with illustrations and descriptions in our brochure about High Secure Identification Documents.

Security Features
Security features that AUSTRIACARD can incorporate into the card body.
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