The ACT Mobile Tag – AUSTRIACARD’s Contactless Mobile Sticker

The AUSTRIACARD Transport (ACT) Mobile Sticker is the ideal ticketing alternative or complement to contactless cards. The sticker enables customers to easily add the contactless ticketing technology to any mobile device or wallet. In addition to contactless payment, other applications such as loyalty programs or access authorization can be integrated. A special shielding layer ensures a reliable performance on various housings or surfaces.
Transport Sticker
The ACT Mobile sticker can easily be attached to any mobile phone or wallet.

The ACT Mobile Sticker offers a wide range of benefits

The benefits of the sticker include:

  • Flexibility: Perfect adhesion even to irregular surfaces
  • Thinness: Extremely thin so that it can even be placed inside the housing of suitable mobile phones
  • Convenience: Easy to attach, easy to use
  • Attractiveness: High-grade appeal due to leading-edge printing techniques
  • Ubiquity: Sticker operates on any surface
  • Reliability: Certified security and quality (DIN/ISO 9001, NASPO)
  • Personalization: Optical personalization possible
AUSTRIACARD’s mobile ticketing solution complies with most current technologies and specifications e.g. Mifare Desfire™, Mifare Classic™, Cipurse™, as well as with loyalty and payment standards such as MasterCard PayPass™. You can read more about our public transport sticker in the datasheet.
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