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AUSTRIACARD’s smart cards combine highest security and functionality with an appealing design. We create unique card layouts that help our clients to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance the brand image. For example, we offer translucent card bodies, foil stamping, glossy or matt surfaces. The cards can be personalized optically and electronically.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with value-added services such as smart mailing, packaging for campaigns, letter shop for direct mailing, as well as PIN Mailing or PIN over SMS.

Crystal Stones

Crystal Stones
Let your customers enjoy a luxurious card with hand-set crystal stones

Each loyalty card can be embellished with Austrian crystal stones. Applying an innovative printing technique, AUSTRIACARD brings glamor and finesse to the cards. All crystals are artistically placed onto the card by hand. The crystals can be incorporated into any custom design.

Dream Layer Creative Effects

Dream Layer
The Dream Layer technique gives your cards a remarkable visual effect

The Dream Layer technology uses iridescent strata to create visual impressions that range from subtle to dramatic. Moreover, 3D effects can be achieved. Impressions of blue water, white clouds, and red fire are only a few of the endless options.

Nickel Partial Card

Nickel Partial Element
The Nickel Partial Card contains an element of gold or silver.

A metallic decorative element in gold or silver is inlayed into the card body, enhancing or embellishing the design and improving security.


Embellish either the whole card or parts of it with a hot foil effect.

Depending on the foil in use, metallic, matt, iridescent, or pearlescent effects can be placed either onto the entire card or on parts of it. If incorporated well into your design, it will create visual effects that will leave your customers stunned.

The Scent of Success

Scent Card
Different scents can be applied to cards in a scratch-and-smell layer.

Our brain can be stimulated by scents and colours. They bring up associations and memories, and raise emotions. A scratch-and-smell layer on the card contains particles that discreetly spread a pleasant scent. Scratching the surface intensifies the aroma.

Such features can be applied to all kinds of PVC cards. The scents used by AUSTRIACARD have been controlled thoroughly and comply with various standards and regulations. Among others, the following scents are available:

  • Coconut
  • Ginger bread
  • Leather
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Rose
  • Strawberry
  • Wood

Surface Structure

Structure Card
You can apply three different levels of surface structure to your card.

We offer cards with low, medium and high-textured surfaces. This haptic and visual feature can be applied to any card.

You will find more printing effects and design elements in our Retail Brochure.

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