Since the beginning, Quality, has been and still is one of the most important aspects of AUSTRIACARD’s company policy.

Our main goals are client satisfaction, continuous improvement, as well as partnership cooperation with timely and comprehensive mutual exchange of information.

AUSTRIACARD is a certified producer of Visa, Mastercard (CQM), Diners Club International brands, AMEX and JCB, all organizations operating according to European and international standards. Besides the extensive experience in safety and the secure handling of highly sensitive data AUSTRIACARD operates under permanent supervision of external auditors appointed or accredited by the payment schemes and other institutions following strict standards for digital and physical safety and security. Besides the installed internal quality assurance systems certified according to ISO 9001, AUSTRIACARD relies on distinct awareness of all employees regarding confidentiality in data handling and operational safety.

Our services include amongst others

  • Check samples before final production to guarantee desired results in field
  • Random quality checks during production
  • Tests carried out in compliance with international standards. (ISO/IEC 7810, 7816, 10373, CQM, and more).
  • Providing, upon request, a Certificate of Test (COT)
  • Guide through Card Design Approval with the payment schemes

AUSTRIACARD is always improving production processes and materials; as for example delamination with time had been one major issue during the standard life cycle of a card.  Our card technology experts developed a new overlay coating tripling the bonding strength between the layers of a card compared to standard overlay coating; even under extreme conditions with exposure to humidity or extended mechanical stress. The overlay coating was made the new standard overlay for all AUSTRIACARD products.

We recognize that our customers do not relay solely on a card’s functionality but the card is used also as marketing instrument. A wide range of card features and/or alternative materials are available at AUSTRIACARD to enhance our design experience. AUSTRIACARD’s specialised graphic team not only will assist in choosing or enhancing the card design with the right feature, but may also undertake the complete creative design process on behalf of our customers in full adherence to all the payment schemes’ design guidelines.

  • Metal Cards
  • Magnetic stripe with different colors and/or overprint
  • Dream layer effect cards
  • Metallic foil stamping
  • Special lamination
  • Translucent effects
  • Philo – PVC degradable
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