Carrying more and more cards in our pockets and relying increasingly on smart technology makes it imperative to provide compact and secure products for our everyday transactions and identification purposes. Not only from governments’ point of view but also for end-customers the need for solutions arises that combine many applications in one single card connected to e-solutions without losing security.

AUSTRIACARD has outstanding experience in the area of secure ID cards and has successfully implemented numerous highly prestigious projects for governments and authorities proving the quality and security of products and services.

AUSTRIACARD has realized numerous prestigious government-projects

Tailored government solutions

AUSTRIACARD’s experts develop government solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Identification Documents and Resident Permits 

AUSTRIACARD’s secure ID cards have a long proven record internationally. More and more authorities are moving towards maximum security in relation to border crossing and access restrictions. Respective identification must be secure, convenient and forgery-proof.

  • Driving License

AUSTRIACARD’s driving license cards are produce following a particular country or region’s guidelines (eg. the EU regulations). 

Multipurpose cards combining a driving license with payment features are the latest trend in certain regions. 

  • Smart Tachograph

In 2005 /2006 the first EU Regulation on Digital Tachographs became effective. Since then AUSTRIACARD has implemented several Digital and Smart Tachograph projects within the EU region. According to the specific national requirements our project management team will guides our clients through the complex process in order to obtain the specific Digitial Tachograph approval

  • Health Cards 

 AUSTRIACARD is the partner of choice for health care institutions providing card products ensuring with high level of printed and physical security to protect cardholders and institutions against counterfeit and unauthorized use. 

  • Cash Register Cards

Since the electronic cash registers in combination with a technical security device became mandatory in Austria 2017 and other European countires AUSTRIACARD’s smart card approach became one of the leading solutions for Cash Register Cards in the region. 

ID and government cards are complex products requiring sophisticated card systems and synchronization of hardware and software elements, operating system and applications. Beyond this, a data generation system and as well as personalization solutions need to be in place. Depending on the security level, additional PKI (public key infrastructure), certificate management and automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) are installed together with a customized card management system (CMS).

To protect government cards against fraudulent use, AUSTRIACARD uses physical as well as electronic security features. The combination of such features increases security levels significantly. AUSTRIACARD’s smart ID cards are certified according to the highest security standards.

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