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The operating system is the heart of every smart card.  ACOS, AUSTRIACARD’s native operating system, is available for contact-based, contactless and dual interface solutions. 

ACOS forms a closed system and consequently offers extra security. Our in-house development team is flexible to the needs of our customers and provides customized applications and functionalities. All open systems contained in the payment product range guarantee absolute independence. Standardized applications ensure international compatibility and leave ample space for all kinds of adaptations. 

ACE product line – AUSTRIACARD’s Native Operating System

  • ACE product line – our native operating System

ACOS is the technological core of ACE, the smart card standard product range. The entire ACE product family is implemented on different smart card microcontroller platforms so as to cover the entirety of needs in this spectrum, ensuring state-of-the-art product security.

  • ACE Advanced or ACE 2000 Advanced

ACE Advanced represents AUSTRIACARD’s smart card high-end product range. It comprises of a set of mandatory and optional EMV credit/debit functionalities in accordance to both Visa and MasterCard specifications including Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) support. Security of offline transactions – contact-based – is enriched by Combined DDA and Generate Application Cryptogram (CDA) processing.

  • ACE Dual or ACE 2000 Dual Interface

ACE Dual stands for AUSTRIACARD’s EMV-compliant dual interface smart card product range. ACE Dual supports contactless payment transactions and comprises a set of mandatory and optional EMV functions in accordance with both MasterCard and Visa specifications. AUSTRIACARD’s products offer fast transaction times while ensuring the highest security levels.

The security of offline transactions – both contactless and contact-based – is enriched by Combined DDA and Generate Application Cryptogram (CDA) processing.

ACE Dual products offer increased robustness of the contactless interface due to usage of an inductive coupling technology between chip and antenna.

  • ACE AX product line

With ACE AX, AUSTRIACARD offers a large selection of Java Card™ products. ACE AX is based on the independent, industry-wide specifications provided by Oracle and the GlobalPlatform consortium.

ACE AX is compliant with relevant ISO standards and EMVCo, its open nature enables the card issuer to load applications from different vendors, all written according to the same set of specifications: Oracle’s Java Card specification and GlobalPlatform card specifications providing a powerful basis used across the industry for the design of smart card applications.

  • JAVA™

Thanks to the open architecture of the JavaTM operating system concept, cards are available from several vendors. JavaTM applets can be loaded and work on the entire JAVATM Card range (appropriate hardware resources required).

  • •Multi-Application
  • •Multi-Compatibility
  • •Multi-Types
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