Security Features

Features of high-security ID card products

Governments and authorities are striving towards maximizing security. Despite the advancement of  electronic identity verification methods the card body itself has become more important than ever before. It incorporates multiple complex features that make it literally forgery-proof. 

Security features are classified according to the equipment needed for verification:

  • Level 1: No equipment needed to verify
  • Level 2: A simple device such as a UV lamp is required.
  • Level 3: Forensic equipment and specialist knowledge needed
  • Level 4: Only the manufacturer can verify authenticity.


AUSTRIACARD has the capability to apply numerous security elements in order to meet legislative security requirements.


It is easy to understand that identification documents have to withstand larger wear and tear than  other cards. The usual lifespan of an ID document is designed to be minimum 10 years. ID cards  must  resist rough environmental conditions. Although latest generation vehicles are mostly equipped with state of the art air conditioning systems the environmental conditions in a car during summertime or in extreme winter temperatures can easily cover a temperature range of up 100 degrees Celsius and  more. Driving license cards are designed for such extreme conditions – neither the document itself nor any personalization data must be affected by extreme temperature and  moisture changes. Stored data on the chip and optical personalization must be retained at all times under any condition.


AUSTRIACARD can rely on many year of experience in the development of outstanding card designs for various applications. We are the partner of choice to suggest and develop a design with maximum emphasis on security in terms of card features, personalization and restricted security features for specific customers.

  • Guilloche  
  • Rainbow Print (Iris Print) 
  • Microtext 
  • Fluorescent Print (UV Print) 
  • OVI® 
  • Kinegram®+ TKO 
Card Material

PVC generally is the first choice raw material for the manufacturing of many different kinds of plastic cards for various purposes and applications. Yet, polycarbonate is the preferred raw material for ID cards due to its physical properties, mainly durability to guarantee 10 years in field. AUSTRIACARD has been one of the few card manufacturers worldwide mastering the complex printing, lamination and personalization process of polycarbonate cards while continuously improving production processes and introducing new security features.

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