Personalization and More

AUSTRIACARD has more than three decades of experience in card personalization. Currently the group operates eight personalization centers as well as an unrivalled distribution network all over Europe, the MEA region and South America. Having established such multinational infrastructure enables mutual backup and DR opportunities but most importantly optimized delivery capacity, distribution channels, and short lead times.

All personalization premises are certified, among others, by Visa and Mastercard.

AUSTRIACARD offers ready-to-use personalization solutions for the ACE product lines.

The different personalization services 

  • All-in-one card personalization
  • Chip personalization along with software modules.
  • Data management system.
  • Carrier printing.
  • Support for a number of desktop personalization machines.
  • Chip personalization
  • Personalization software modules.
  • EMV data preparation services and consulting.
  • Personalization test tools.
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Optical personalization
  • Embossing.
  • Indent printing.
  • Laser Engraving.
  • Thermo printing.
  • Custom card printing.
  • Lettershop fulfilment


A large part of the carrier and advertising material accompanying the cards is printed on premise leading to shorter response times. Special packaging or fulfilment services can be provided. 


Consulting & Project Management

AUTRIACARD΄s skilled project management team guide customers through the process of implementing their payment, government, enterprise or transport card solutions – from requirement analysis to when new cards are actually launched and the issuing starts. 


AUSTRIACARDhas been investing in Research and Development for embedded smart card operating systems and chip personalization solutions from the very beginning.

Our engineers integrate smart card products into AUSTRIACARD’s operating system environment ACOS and support third party personalization requests. AUSTRIACARD has invested more than two decades into tweaking the native ACOS system to host multiple applications while at the same time offering the benefits of a native solution.

R&D teams

  • One team is busy with the continuous development and improvements of our native embedded operating systems – payment tailored ACOS and ACOS-ID for the ID world.
  • Personalization and industrialization is covered by AUSTRIACARD’s application team working on data preparation tools and services as well as interface development and integration tasks with industrial environments. 
  • Production Technology and Services (PTS) is responsible for innovation in printing, lamination and chip embedding processes as well as for new production qualification processes, manufacturing process improvements and material qualification. As interface between operations and development the team also covers HF topics and development of embedded antenna solutions for AUSTRIACARD’ embedded microprocessor portfolio available.
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